Increase personnel productivity and service response time


Help improve operation success, client retention and grow sales revenue


Improve operation visibility, lower travel and overtime costs, ease workforce management

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What We Do

TrackerHero is a fully-integrated mobile workforce management solution that comes with a state-of-the-art handheld device that will significantly increase the productivity and flexibility of your field operation. Our sought-after devices ​will impress your clients while lowering down costs – making sure the contract is yours. For inventive companies, TrackerHero provides management with real-time visibility of their field operations through executive dashboards and KPI reports – enabling them to work together with their team and immediately spot opportunities and tackle challenges on the field.

Innovative Solution

Eliminate the chaos in your day-to-day management.


Total Solution Platform

Features that’s engineered to solve real day-to-day problems of field operation from clients & management perspective

Live Dashboard

Can be accessed either by web portal or mobile device. Collaborate with officers or clients easily.

Attendance & Compliance Made Easy

Get a live feed so you can see who has arrived or who isn't. It will change the way you manage your team

Incident Reporting

Real-time reporting that includes voice, photo and text features to streamline the entire process.

Real-time Tracking

Get updates as they start work in the field. Get visibility to all key information for each locations & work operation.

Arm Your Officer With Technology

Complete visibility into your staff operations.


System works even without internet.


Device is a IP67 rugged military-grade.


Multi-functional device, with walkie-talkie, PTT.

Admin App For Single Overview Of Your Whole Operation.

This admin app will help CEO and management to get an overview of your field operation, conveniently from their own smartphone


Field Operation Solution For Everyone.

A Complete Ecosystem

TrackerHero takes you beyond field operation.
We’ve other solution that built upon the same device & platform. Check out our other solution below :

The company can save almost 40% of the cost, compared to no previous system to run our day-to-day operations
Ahmad Zakaria
Operation Manager, Hyperlinkz Enterprise
TrackerHero helps to reduce cost, improve overall security system as it's end-to-end solution where I can get an overall view of the operation. One more, the device is unique and it's a total improvement compared to traditional one.
Aniq Aiman
Operation & IT Executive, MDR Tech Sdn Bhd
We are excited about using your product, we believe it will help us be more productive in our security & visitor management area.
Faeq Daniel Mohamad
Executive Innovation & Commercialization, Cyberview Sdn Bhd

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